Testimonials from our Patients

As a professional Mountain Guide I rely on my body daily to Mike Poborsky
perform my job, so I choose JH Backcountry Health as my primary care physicians to keep me performing at the highest level possible. They listen intently to my chief complaint, take a thoughtful approach to developing a treatment plan that addresses the underlying problem as opposed to just relieving my symptoms, and provide a logical progression of post visit stretches and strengthening exercises that help keep me in the mountains (my office) and out of their office. Thanks for all the help!

~Mike Poborsky

I first found Dr. Tyler last winter when I had a recurrence of a lower back problem while skiing.  I found him to be professional, caring, helpful and, most importantly, interested in going out of his way to make sure I got back on the slopes as soon as possible!  He also spent extra time with me to show me stretches and exercises to help me stay as active as possible.  Since that first visit, I have been back on numerous occasions and plan to continue to do so for many years!

~David Lloyd

Toaster Brutal blocking

Photo by Joe Scorza

In 2010 I had a bad experience at another chiropractic office and swore off the practice for 7 years, but my trust has been restored after seeing the docs at JH Backcountry Health. I started playing roller derby with the Jackson Hole Juggernauts last year and thought for sure my body was going to be in shambles at the end of the season. Luckily for me, Dr. Tyler and Dr. Laura were around to put me back together after every grueling bout. They were willing to listen and work with me, fine tuning my body in a respectful manner. They have helped alleviate excruciating knee pain and have helped increase mobility in my hips, back and chest with a stretching program I follow at home. I recommend JH Backcountry Health for all aches and pains, stresses and strains.

Thank you for all the help,

~Toaster Brutal / Melanie Schuerch

An incredibly knowledgeable & caring team of sports physicians. Tyler helped diagnose an injury that’s been following me for years and is starting me on the path to recovery. Would highly recommend to anybody! They are very passionate about what they do, and genuinely interested in understanding your body’s history to help you move better!

~Messica Bones, JH Juggernaut Roller Derby Team

Being 12 weeks pregnant, I had no idea that sciatic pain would start so soon…The pain was so intense that it was really difficult to get through a normal day. I visited JH Backcountry Health and Laura did an amazing job on my lower back and legs. She was extremely mindful of the fact that I was pregnant, putting my mind at ease. I walked out of her office feeling amazing–as soon as I left, the pain I was experiencing was gone. I would definitely recommend JH Backcountry Health to anyone experiencing body pains, pregnant or otherwise. Thanks Laura!

~Giulia, 12 weeks pregnant