Mountain biking is a way of life for many in the Jackson Hole area.  It invokes a sense of adventure and sparks the adrenaline rush that we junkies all seek.  For many of us, this includes pushing our body and comfort level to the max, exposing us to the risk of injury. 

Let’s take a look at the common injuries associated with this great summertime sport.

1. Skin and soft tissue injuries are very common.  This includes everything from lacerations to sunburn.  Wearing the proper gear and a high SPF sunscreen does well to prevent exposure.

2. Traumatic injuries are also a risk.  Upper extremities injuries are more common; however, serious traumatic injuries can also involve the head, neck and spine.  Please get yourself checked out at the ER or by a trauma specialist if needed!  If you’ve been checked out at and cleared at the ER and still have lasting pain,  or maybe you didn’t bother at the time but might need some attention now, we can check for post-concussion symptoms and physical injuries.   As primary sports physicians, we can treat and refer as necessary to help you recover from injuries including concussions and whiplash.  

3. Chronic/Overuse injuries happen frequently when we are addicted to a sport.  On average, a mountain biker on an moderate trail will rotate the pedal around 5,000 times per hour!  Pedaling is almost exclusively a sagittal plane motion (forwards and backwards) .  Any kind of motion dysfunction in the lower extremity leading to motion in another plane (eg. lateral motion)  will increase susceptibility to chronic/overuse injury.  This could be a muscular imbalance, motion dysfunction or postural issue leading to knee pain, tendinopathies, foot pain, neck and shoulders issues, peripheral neuropathies and low back pain.

The doctors at JH Backcountry Health excel in identifying and correcting these dysfunctions.  We use functional motion analysis techniques to identify aberrant patterns and then correct using active release techniques, stretches, chiropractic adjustments and exercise prescriptions.  

As it reads on our home page, our mission is to provide the citizens of Jackson, WY and visitors to the area a means of maintaining their incredible active lifestyle. The proverbial “Go Big” no longer has to be followed by “or Go Home”.  Schedule an appointment today.  Let us help you continue to enjoy your adrenaline addiction!

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