We thank you for your support! It is such an honor to make it on the Best of Jackson Hole list. Dr. Mark Menolascino and Kevin Meehan are some big names to follow! It is so exciting for us as we are just over a year into practice here.

So what does it mean to be an Alternative Medicine Practitioner?

For us, it means we do our best to help you heal so you can get out and do what you love. Chiropractic means “done by hand.” We use our hands to diagnose and to treat. We love working on shoulders, hips, knees, feet, gait patterns, and core conditioning as well as the normal chiropractic targets of back pain and headaches. Our goal to is find the cause of your pain and dysfunction and address it. We treat using muscle release techniques, adjustments, and therapies, then teach you exercises and stretches to you can maintain (and not have to visit us too often).

We also value the role of tradition medicine. If you need care that isn’t in our scope, we will recommend another medical professional. There are some great ones in this town.

And so you know, it is our favorite thing when we run into you on the slopes, out hiking, or dancing at Bluegrass Tuesday. It is always encouraging to see you living your life so fully. Keep enjoying!

Much love,
Dr. Laura and Dr. Tyler


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