Wednesday December 12th 6-7pm

Christmas cookies

For anyone who is kicking the sugar habit for the holidays (or thinking about doing it after) – This is your chance to try out some amazing recipes!

Each person should bring 2 dozen keto/low-carb cookies on a plate or tray. Also bring an extra plate or container to bring your two dozen swapped cookies home (or however many of them you don’t eat while there!)

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For the cookies/treats – Use almond flour, coconut flour, another low-carb flour, or no flour at all! Note that most gluten-free flours are full of simple carbohydrates that the body quickly breaks down and sends your blood sugar skyrocketing. Natural sweeteners are recommended such as stevia (made from a leaf), xylitol and erythritol (these are naturally occuring sugar alcohols that have much less effect on blood sugar), and monkfruit.

We’d love it if you would share your recipe as well! You can email them to me ahead of time ( and I will create a place to access them all, or bring recipe cards to share.

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