Low-Carbohydrate performance

Can you be on a low-carb or ketogenic diet and still perform at your peak level? Have you heard about the Navy SEALs switching to a ketogenic diet for enhanced mental and physical performance? We are here to provide information on this topic! And we might as well provide delicious low-carb foods for you to try!

On your way to or from the People’s Market, stop by our office and talk to Dr. Tyler and Dr. Laura, the owners and local sports chiropractors. Look at the resources (including the fascinating books above) that illuminate this subject. Hear more answers from Dr. Dan Peterson, MD. Note -We will be pre-recording questions with him, since he will be absent due to an opportunity for a five day low-carb trek in the Tetons. Let us know anything you’d like to know, I’ll be interviewing him Friday. There will be scrumptious foods to taste and door prizes including a free treatment and keto brownies!

Wednesday July 18th 5-6pm at JH Backcountry Health

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